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Assorted Football Pictures

The Four Horsemen of Notre Dame - 1924

Click Here to listen to a opening lines from the October 19, 1924 article by legendary

sport writer Grantland Rice, which gave the Four Horsemen their name

Legendary Football Coaches Stamps - 1997

Jay Berwanger, 1st Heisman Winner

The King,  Elvis Presley

Early Football Heroes stamps - 2003

Actor Robert Urich - FSU 

Chris Farley

Actor Tommy Lee Jones - Harvard


U. S. Presidents

Ronald Reagan-Eureka College 1929  

Gerald R. Ford-Michigan 1933

Ronald Reagan as The Gipper in

Knute Rockne, All American -  1940

Richard Nixon-Whittier College 1930

Norman Rockwell's "The Call" 

Norman Rockwell's "First Down" 

Otto Graham (60)-Check out those sneakers, also

the guy behind him getting a fist in the face!

The Three Stooges

Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside (1946)

Christian Comic Book (1971)

Sports Illustrated Cover (1972)

Sports Illustrated Cover (1974)

Dr. Who episode - 2012 (Note the headline in the newspaper)

SI Cover featuring Pat Tillman

Click here to visit our Pat Tillman tribute page

Champ Yams Advertisement from the 1950s